Sacred Story Youth Program: Pre-K Digital Packet (Digital)

Sacred Story Youth Program: Pre-K Digital Packet (Digital)

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This Sacred Story meditation program packet for Pre-K includes:

  • Program overview with Vimeo Access Code for guided meditations
  • Scope and sequence for Pre-K to 8th Grade
  • 4 Easy Steps Visual Guide for Three Lesson Plans
  • 80-page Theological Resource Guide for Teachers/Parents
  • Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola with Meditation Instruction PowerPoint
  • Certificates of Appreciation for students
  • Information Letter for Parents of students using the program
  • 40-page unit plan overview + Three complete lesson plans

Audio Meditations Troubleshooting: If you have fast internet connections, you will be fine. If your connection is slower, you may experience some hiccups in the audio meditations. In that case, make sure to entire meditation loads before playing. If that still does not work, unclick the HD (high definition) playback option on the lower bar of the video on the right. That will lower the resolution and should give you decent playback.

A NOTE ON PRICING: We have priced Sacred Story Youth very competitively so that it will be accessible to all no matter their income or budget. We consider "one purchase" to be for "one" family, grade in school, youth group, scout troop etc.