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The Sacred Story audio meditations are the most complete series of the Ignatian Examination of Conscience in the Sacred Story rendition available anywhere. The meditations were developed with dozens of teachers and hundreds of students across six dioceses in the United States and are a powerful prayer tool for children of all ages and degrees of spiritual sophistication. The audio meditations are designed to help practitioners slow down and "listen to the voice of God" in their hearts. They also teach the five movements of the Ignatian Examen in the Sacred Story rendition: Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity.

With two musical settings composed by the #1 Billboard piano artist Paul Cardall, and five different nature background sounds, these 20 unique meditations for each combination of Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity will help you find islands of peace, hope and clarity amidst the hectic pace of modern life.

Physical copies of all audio meditation CD's can be purchased online through Amazon.com.

We are also exceedingly pleased to be reintroducing to the world the extraordinary art of
Léopold Marboeuf (1916-2006) in the My Sacred Story Missal. The images of
Léopold from the My Sacred Story Missal also grace the different levels of the Sacred Story Youth packets and the Sacred Story Audio Meditations. Printing of the Missal and images was granted by Templegate Publishers, Springfield, Illinois.
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Creation (Come Ye / Forest / Spoken) Creation (Come Ye / Forest / Silent) Creation (Come Ye / Lake / Spoken)
Creation (Come Ye / Lake / Silent) Creation (Come Ye / Mountain / Spoken) Creation (Come Ye / Mountain / Silent)
Creation (Come Ye / Ocean / Spoken) Creation (Come Ye / Ocean / Silent) Creation (Come Ye / Prairie / Spoken)
Creation (Come Ye / Prairie / Silent) Creation (Redeemer / Forest /Spoken Creation (Redeemer / Forest / Silent)
Creation (Redeemer / Lake / Spoken) Creation (Redeemer / Lake / Silent) Creation (Redeemer / Mountain / Spoken)
Creation (Redeemer / Mountain / Silent) Creation (Redeemer / Ocean / Spoken) Creation (Redeemer / Ocean / Silent)
Creation (Redeemer / Prairie / Spoken) Creation (Redeemer / Prairie / Silent) Presence (Come Ye / Forest / Spoken)
Presence (Come Ye / Forest / Silent) Presence (Come Ye / Lake / Spoken) Presence (Come Ye / Lake / Silent)
Presence (Come Ye / Mountain / Spoken) Presence (Come Ye / Mountain / Silent) Presence (Come Ye / Ocean / Spoken)
Presence (Come Ye / Ocean / Silent) Presence (Come Ye / Prairie / Spoken) Presence (Come Ye / Prairie / Silent)
To listen to full version of each meditation level, go to our Vimeo page and begin to slow down and hear the voice of God in your heart.